Thursday, June 23, 2016

Water Play

Kids love to splash and play in the water, especially during hot weather.  But you can't always go to the beach or pool everyday.  There are many other fun ways you can let your kids play with water.

Water Tables

Water tables are a great set up for kids around ages 1-6.

If you don't have a water table, it is very simple to improvise one.  Any large, shallow container supported on a low, sturdy surface will work. An under bed storage bin, dishpan, roasting pan, or mixing bowl can hold the water. A coffee table covered with a plastic tablecloth, a garden bench, even a lawn chair or milk crate can hold the water at the right height. 

To keep the water table fun, keep adding new things! Here are some ideas:
-Kids like to play with kitchen things like cups, measuring cups, funnels, sponges, ladles, and cream or syrup pitchers.
-Rubber duckies, boats, and other bath toys are always fun.
-Small plastic toys of various types enjoy having water adventures. Dinosaurs, zoo and farm animals, cars, dolls, and anything fish or ocean related can get good use at a water table.
-Tea sets and other food and cooking toys are popular for water fun.

More Ideas

Sprinklers are a childhood classic. Let your kids run around in the spray while you water the lawn.

Let children use a watering can or small bucket to water plants.

You can use water blasters, spray bottles, and water balloons in all sorts of races, games, and contests. Kids love to soak each other while dashing around and shrieking.

With a pail of water and a paintbrush, children will have a great time painting sidewalks, fences, and patio furniture.

Kiddie pools are cheap and come in all sorts of sizes and price ranges. Any other kind of container, such as a drink tub or storage bin, can be used for splashing and playing. To keep it interesting and appealing, use some of the water table suggestions above. Fishing games, floating ring toss, and wind-up toys are especially fun in kiddie pools.

Have a great summer!

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