Thursday, June 23, 2016

Family Matinee

20 Favorite Films

Choosing a movie that is appropriate and enjoyable to watch with kids can be difficult. Here are some great videos for watching together, for a range of ages and tastes.

1. Planet Earth
2. Life
These nature documentary series by David Attenborough are very educational and gorgeously filmed. They would be perfect for kids and adults of all ages who are fascinated by animals.

Offbeat Animation
3. A Cat In Paris-  This slightly spooky mystery adventure may be best for kids aged 6-7 or older.
4. The Iron Giant-  A wonderful movie based on the 1968 novel The Iron Man: A Children's story In Five Nights  by Ted Hughes.

TV Shows & Short Films
5. Scholastic Videos- Any of the several animated storybook collections are a good choice for preschool and grade school aged kids.
6. Busytown Mysteries- This TV series is based on Richard Scarry's books.
7. Berenstain Bears- The 1980s series and the newer episodes are excellent adaptations of the classic children's books.
8. Clifford's Puppy Days
9. Clifford
Both cartoon series based on Emily Elizabeth's adventures with the big red dog stories by Norman Bridwell are gentle and slow paced, especially appealing for children under five.
10. Peep and the Big Wide World- This simple, cute cartoon follows some little bird friends and their discoveries about the natural world. Peep has been a consistent favorite of my daughter from age 2 or 3 through 9.
11. Tinga Tinga Tales- Short, beautiful animated ancient African myths make a good choice for most kids.

12. Sesame Street Old School- The original and classic collections are remarkably educational and entertaining, with sophisticated animation and direct academic instruction for kids from infants through first or second grade.
13. Harvey-  A 1950 black and white movie starring Jimmy Stewart, whose best friend is a giant invisible rabbit, was a surprising favorite of my preschool class last year. It's an especially great pick to watch with grandparents.
14. E.T.-  This 1980s movie about some kids who make friends with an alien proves to be timeless. Watch it again with some kids or family and friends of all ages.
15. Mary Poppins- The magical, musical nanny continues to fascinate young children today.
16. Herbie- The funny adventures of a Volkswagen Beetle were especially hilarious to my recent preschool class.

Studio Ghibli
Japanese director and animator Hayao Miyazaki has created many, many excellent films for audiences ranging from young children through adults. The following four movies are appropriate for younger children and are favorites of my whole family.
17. Panda! Go, Panda!  This darling, short movie features a little girl who stays home alone with some panda bears who have escaped from the zoo.
18. Ponyo- a fairy tale about a fish who longs to become a real girl.
19. Kiki's Delivery Service- A young witch sets off with her broomstick and talking cat to make her own way in the world.
20. My Neighbor Totoro- The amazing artwork in this rich, exquisite film combine with magical and fantastic elements to create a masterpiece about the mysteries of childhood. One of my absolute favorite movies.

Turn on the air conditioner, turn off the lights, pour some lemonade and grab some popcorn! Enjoy your Family Matinee!

For specific information about each video from this list, including images, reviews, and purchases, please visit my Amazon list.

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