Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stress Relief for Parents and Teachers

Spending time with kids is fun, but it can also be stressful. Here are ten ways you can feel better and stay calm.

1. Coloring
Coloring with kids, or alone, is a great way to calm your body and mind. Coloring books for adults have become very popular.

2. Aromatherapy
Fragrances can relax or invigorate. Keeping a scented candle at your desk or wearing a dot of lavender oil can help you feel mellow and in control.

3. Staying Tidy & Organized
Searching for lost items and frantically checking schedules and clocks adds stress. Keep things where they belong and follow a routine.

4. Realistic Expectations
Kids don't listen, they are messy, and they sometimes cry a lot. Don't expect everything to be perfect and save yourself a lot of stress.

5. Acupressure & Massage
Tension builds up in your body, sometimes causing headaches or other pain. Finding just the right spot to press or rub can make a big difference.

6. Jacuzzi
Having a soak in hot, bubbly water can be an almost miraculous way to melt away the stresses of the day. Find a hot tub or spa, or just enjoy a nice bath.

7. Accepting Good Enough
Things will not always be ideal. That's okay. Take a deep breath and let it be.

8. Get A Hobby
Anything you enjoy doing can help with stress. Creative and athletic activities are especially great for stress management.

9. Meditation
Clearing your mind of all your day to day worries is like taking a tiny vacation. The more you try it, the better it works.

10. Sing & Dance
When you are starting to feel irritated and frustrated, drop everything and do a little song and dance. It can instantly change your mood, and it will often get the kids back on track, as well.

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